Going live with Apple Pay

The Apple pay is showing in the emulator, however when we tried to test in real device with testflight mode, it says “This device doesn’t support Apple Pay”.
My question is,

  1. Does it needed to be approved from IOS for Apple pay to work?
  2. Does it need to use the latest expo-payments-stripe and expo SDK to work properly?
    I am using
    Expo SDK: 38.0.0
    Expo payments stripe: 8.2.1
    I even tried by using the latest expo-payments-stripe 9.0.0, still the same error?
    Any help to solve the issue would be greatly appreciated.


Hey did you find a solution to this? I’m having the same problem…

Same here, any solutions? I"m using the latest Stripe - Expo Documentation

Please call the function openNativePaySetupAsync() if canMakeNativePayPaymentsAsync() returns false like below code.
I hope it helps.

       const canMakePayment = await stripe.canMakeNativePayPaymentsAsync();
            if (!canMakePayment) {
                await stripe.openNativePaySetupAsync();

            const res = await stripe.paymentRequestWithNativePayAsync(
                    requiredBillingAddressFields: ['all'],
                    requiredShippingAddressFields: [],
                        label: '',
                        amount: 100,

            await stripe.completeNativePayRequestAsync();

Thank you I will try it out!

Did this work?