Android build signing wrong key after moving to new pc?

  Expo CLI 3.11.9 environment info:
      OS: Windows 10
      npm: 6.9.0 - C:\Program Files\nodejs\npm.CMD

So i moved my project to a new pc and after a long time i wanted to build a new Update for my App.

I didnt change anything in app.json except the slug from expo-lunch-hkm to relunch (thats why i have the same app two times in my profile…)

I always “let expo handle” the signing stuff. iOS worked well but the Play Store won’t accept my new bundle.

Google Signing seems to be already activated for my app.

I’ve already read the docs here but i dont really understand if i have to do all the steps or if there is just another error we have to fix somewhere. (has the slug something to do with this?)

And i have to admit, that it seems like i’ve lost the original keystore infos i got some years ago.
Do i have to ask Google to reset the key? And what do I have to do after they reset it?

I hope someone from the expo team can help me out, I wanted to push the update on the weekend :pensive:

Best regards

change slug back to expo-lunch-hkm , run expo fetch:android:keystore (it will download keystore from expo servers and display all necessary credentials), after that you can switch to any slug you want run expo build:android -c and pass keystore and those credetnials

That worked, thank you so much!

Problem with this is, all the Push Tokens are invalid on my server.

Expo responses with “PUSH_TOO_MANY_EXPERIENCE_IDS”.
Should i change the Slug back to what it was in the beginning? just wanted to shorten it)
Or is there an easy way to work around?

With the downloaded keystore i should be able to upload my app anyway, right?

When you are changing slug you are creating totally new app from expo perspective. When uploading to store it’s still the same because the package name is the same, but for stuff like OTA updates and notifications, this is totally different app. It seems that you are mixing notifications to relunch and expo-lunch-hkm in one batch.

Or is there an easy way to workaround?

The proper way to handle that would create a new endpoint to register device token from new app(new slug) and when sending a notification to expo server handle both those groups separately. When all users would update you could deprecate old endpoint.

With the downloaded keystore I should be able to upload my app anyway, right?


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