Best way to fix wrong key when moving an app to an organization

Hi! Our app started life under my personal Expo account, and now we are attempting to move it to an organization account.

This actually went pretty well. We made the organization, changed the owner setting in app.json to match, and started builds.

The CLI asked us if we want to generate new keys and have expo manage them (for both iOS and Android) and we said yes to both.

Uploading to Apple went off without a hitch - Apple seems to have accepted the app as the next version with no issues.

Google, on the other hand, is giving us the following error on upload:

Invalid request - The Android App Bundle was signed with the wrong key

What’s the suggested way to remedy this? I imagine the following scenarios:

  1. Contact Google to let them know we are changing our signing key, and hopefully that works out in a timely fashion. There seems to be a history of that working out, but it sounds slightly sketch.
  2. Download the previous key from expo, and steward that ourselves going forward - using that to sign the app.

Would either of these work? If so, which is the way that Expo community suggests users go as they transition from personal accounts to organization accounts?


I haven’t tried this myself, but what I would try is:
Download the @personal/slug keystore from Expo using expo credentials:manager and then upload it to @organization/slug also using expo credentials:manager.

You might need to change the owner back to the personal account when downloading the old keystore and then change it back to the organisation account when uploading it to the new app.

@wodin That’s actually pretty close to what we ended up doing!

For anyone else who has this issue in the future, what we did was download the old android key from the app’s settings page under my personal account on the Expo web interface, then upload that key in the app’s settings page under the organization account on the Expo web interface, replacing the one we accidentally generated.

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