6 moto g7's only one can sync the published project?

Our team has purchased 6 Motorola G7 devices for testing and strangely, only one of them is able to retrieve the published project. The other phones are stuck at the loading screen. I was able to get a 2nd phone to work by logging out of the first phone and uninstalling Expo, but when re-logging into that 2nd phone with another team account,the published project failed to load.

Are there any device limits when using an Expo client? We even have a paid account.


Hey @id-georges,

Sorry you’re running into this. Haven’t heard of this happening before to any of our users. Is this only occurring when trying to load a published project or does it happen when loading a local instance as well?


Hi Adam, looks like only published projects - the local instance had no issue. Some of our other users on different devices have no issues running the project.

Should I rename the project and republish it?