Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies

Prominent disclosure not found
Your app must display a prominent disclosure through a pop-up alert before your app’s location runtime permission. Based on our review, a prominent disclosure did not appear before the runtime permission.

Please add a prominent disclosure before the runtime permission.

Remember, your prominent disclosure must:

  • Appear before your app’s location runtime permission.
  • Include at least the following sentence, adapted to include all the relevant features requesting access to location in the background in the app that are readily visible to the user: “This app collects location data to enable [“feature”], [“feature”], & [“feature”] even when the app is closed or not in use.” If you extend permitted usage to ads, please also include: “This data is also used to provide ads/support advertising/support ads.”
  • Include any other details necessary to make it clear to the user how and why you are using location in the background. While additional content is permitted, it should not cause the required content to not be immediately visible.

this is my app.json

"android": {
      "package": "",
      "googleServicesFile": "./google-services.json",
      "versionCode": 3,
      "config": {
        "googleMaps": {
          "apiKey": ""

Screenshot 2021-01-01 034603


You have not really provided enough information and you have not asked a question :slight_smile:

So first, I assume your app does actually need to access the user’s location in the background?

Assuming it does, you should tell the user why your app needs to access their location before you ask them for permission.

thank u for your replay
yes my app does actually need to access the user’s location in the background

so I need to show message to user that I need to use location in the background
can be in alert message or what ?
thanks in advance

Yes, that is my understanding.

They even mention a “pop-up alert”.