Missing information in prominent disclosure

Your prominent disclosure must appear before your app’s location runtime permission, and should tell the user which feature(s) will use location in the background. Based on our review, your app’s prominent disclosure did not meet this criteria.

Please modify your prominent disclosure to include this information. The language in the disclosure MUST include the following elements:

  • The term “location”
  • Indication that the nature of usage is in the background by using one of the following phrases “background” / “when the app is closed” / “always in use” / “when the app is not in use”
  • A list of all the features that use location in the background
  • If you extend permitted usage to ads, you must include the following: “used to provide ads/support advertising/support ads.” (Choose the most accurate phrasing).

how do i solve this problem with expo reacting to native managed workflow. thanks