Google Play Expo w/ React - What is the plist equivalent for Android in Expo's app.json file?

I am in the process of getting an app release approved by Google play but have been rejected for the collection of sensitive information, in this case background location. I am running react native with expo and I can see that in ios there is a plist configuration in app.json that seems to address some of these issue, but I am unsure what is the android equivalent so I can make the necessary changes.

Google claims the following:

App Bundle:15, App Bundle:14    Prominent disclosure not found
Your app must display a prominent disclosure through a pop-up alert before your app’s location runtime permission. Based on our review, a prominent disclosure did not appear before the runtime permission.

Remember, your prominent disclosure must:
Appear before your app’s location runtime permission.
Include at least the following sentence, adapted to include all the relevant features requesting access to location in the background in the app that are readily visible to the user: “This app collects location data to enable ["feature"], ["feature"], & ["feature"] even when the app is closed or not in use.” If you extend permitted usage to ads, please also include: “This data is also used to provide ads/support advertising/support ads.”

I am assuming I can insert into the app.json something like the plist for ios?

"assetBundlePatterns": [
"ios": {
  "supportsTablet": true,
  "bundleIdentifier": "com.blah,blah",
  "buildNumber": "1.1.0",
  "infoPlist": {
    "NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription": "Allow VolleyPal to use your location. Your location is used to check you in at the appropriate playground. Your location data are not used or stored in any other way or for any other purpose."
"android": {
  "package": "com.blah.blah",
  "versionCode": 16
"description": ""

Have you got an answer ?

please see: Deploying to App Stores - Expo Documentation

this will teach you how to configure permissions on android

It seems that Google now also requires permission reasons tailored to your app’s specific use case. The boilerplate “Allow cool-app to access the camera” is no longer sufficient to get an app approved for the Google Play Store.

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