You can now publish [...] with [...] expo upload:ios.

Maybe update the output of the build process :wink:

$ expo build:ios
Successfully built standalone app:

You can now publish to the App Store with or expo upload:ios. Learn more.

Yeah, lets get the first app rolling!

$ expo upload:ios

expo upload:ios is no longer supported
Please use one of the following

› eas submit
› Transporter
› Fastlane deliver


Ups, maybe not.

You recommend using expo upload:ios but that is no longer supported. It further looks like the 3 mentioned alternatives are a selection menu, but the command exits to shell.

As a newbie I had to research a bit to understand how to move forward.

expo-cli 4.4.4

Hey @mbingel, sorry about that. Here are the docs for EAS and here are the steps for using Transporter to manually upload your app.


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