Possible to still use expo upload:ios?

I was updating my app and ran into a surprise blocker:

expo upload:ios is no longer supported
Please use one of the following

› eas submit https://docs.expo.io/submit/ios
› Transporter https://apps.apple.com/us/app/transporter/id1450874784
› Fastlane deliver https://docs.fastlane.tools/getting-started/ios/appstore-deployment

It says expo upload:ios is discontinued. I’m still using expo build:ios and I hope to keep using it because it’s a bit of nuances like --no-publish on the Android expo build so I only have one bundle in Sentry.

I found this - Using EAS Submit with "expo build" - Expo Documentation

Will doing eas submit --url YOUR_BUILD_ARTIFACT_URL work just fine without any hiccups?

Some places say to at -p ios but the offical docs above don’t. And just to be safe, I install from here right - eas-cli - npm - I actually couldn’t find the docs linking to this, I had to do npm eas.

Will doing eas submit --url YOUR_BUILD_ARTIFACT_URL work just fine without any hiccups?

You will also need to specify the platform.

Some places say to at -p ios but the offical docs above don’t

As far as I’m aware there is no place in docs that states that platform flag is not required. If you see somewhere eas submit without anything that is just a reference to the command not an example of usage. The section you linked describes how to use those two services together (expo build:ios and eas submit), it assumes that you are familiar with both of them and if you are not documentation for it is linked both there and in the error messge printed by uplaod:ios command

To upload your iOS app to TestFlight, run expo upload:ios . You can set following options when uploading an iOS standalone appv Alternatively you can set the EXPO_APPLE_ID environment variable.

Thanks for that. I was nervous moving to another build. In past, before I started using Expo, the release process was so sensitive the slightest chagne and I would get unintended affect haha. Hopefully i’ll be confident soon Expo is changing my attitude for the better! lol

Thanks for sharing! I think this is not working anymore.

Is there a free EAS? Similar to expo upload:ios? I still can’t figure out how to submit :frowning: sorry :frowning:

When I run the command I get:

Your account doesn't have access to Expo Application Services (EAS) features. Enroll in EAS to give it a try: https://expo.io/eas

I thought i was in the free plan.

eas will have a free tier in the near future (likely during q3), but while it’s in “preview” we are limiting access to folks with subscriptions. you can always use fastlane or transporter.app to upload your app if you have a mac. from https://blog.expo.io/expo-application-services-eas-build-and-submit-fc1d1476aa2e

The previews of EAS Build and Submit are available to developers subscribed to the EAS Priority Plan. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can try it out for free for a month. If you want to try the preview services out but don’t have access to a credit card, please reach out to us on Twitter and we can help you out.

Ohhh. Ok no problem Ill buy it, its worth it if its like the the ease and no hiccups that expo upload:ios had. It would be nice if the app made me some money to cover this though haha hopefully soon!

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