Uploading to App Store with no Mac?

So, I made it this far without needing a mac… I’m ready to upload the IPA, but I now realize that it expects me to use Xcode or Application Loader to upload the file, both of which seem to depend on using a mac.

I realize this isn’t expo specific exactly, but is there another known solution here?

fastlane on linux might be able to upload it, not sure if it will assume on OS X APIs.

Thanks I’ll give it a go.

[!] Unable to locate Xcode. Please make sure to have Xcode installed on your machine

Seems fastlane doesn’t work for any xcode specific tasks, on Linux. Just thought I’d post this for anyone looking for the same information.

there is an online service that appears to do this for a small fee.

i haven’t used it so i can’t endorse it but just found it with google.

you could also rent a mac temporarily from a cloud service like macstadium and use that to upload the IPA. this would also require a few dollars but would definitely work.

I add my +1 to this.

It would be really cool if Expo could provide this feature.