Window wrong IP Address when working on remote device

Hi. I recently faced another problem developing in Window.

It works nice when I just used genymotion but when I try to share it with QR code to develop app on my remote android device, it always fails which related to issue over here

I’ve done every options and started on my expo app and it won’t work.
In expo my ip address shows like this “exp://”.
However when I try to reach, browser won’t reach this ip address.
Instead, is reachable in my android phone’s browser.

I feel ip address is incorrect when trying to share it with device.

I hope my experience is helpful to expo to fix the issue.

Thank you.

Hi! You can set the environment variable EXPO_PACKAGER_HOSTNAME to “” to avoid this problem in the future. Sometimes on Windows, the OS reports a VirtualBox IP address as the “default” network interface, rather than your physical network adapter.

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Can you please tell me how to set environment variable? In which file I’ve to change environment variable. It’ll be very helpful if you provide path to that file.

On Linux and Mac you can run YOUR_VARIABLE=value exp start and that will set the variable for exp or whatever command you want, there’s nothing special about Expo tools here.

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