The IP address in the expo app is different than the one on the command line?

I’m trying to get a react native app running on my Google Pixel - I currently have it connected directly to my PC and am running a command line interface to start the app. The app however, does not want to load. I get the error: Uncaught Error: Packager is not running at http://ip-address:19001 The problem is…on the actual command line, it displays the URL as: exp://ip-address:19000 - so of course the packager isn’t running on 19001, it’s running on 19000! Is there something I messed up? I don’t really know what’s going on here.

There are actually multiple ports, one is for the manifest and another is for the packager. So that may not be the issue, you may have to restart the project or check your internet connection

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