Will Branch.io Android support return (in SDK34)?

My team and I have an app, live in the app stores, which uses Branch.io links as part of an important feature and we’ve been using the turtle-cli version 0.5.15 workaround since the removal of Branch in Android builds. We’ve seen the Expo 33 release and also the “Roadmap for Expo SDK 34” blog post with no mention of Branch. So with the 64-bit Android APK requirement coming closer (August 1) and our Android builds stuck on an old turtle-cli version we’re a bit concerned with the timely future of Branch SDK support.

With the background out of the way, the point of this post is to say to the Expo team “hey, we’re out here and using Branch” and also to hopefully get a bit of an update so my team can better plan/work towards Branch.io support + 64bit android builds.

Ideally this would have been in topic Google Play Store App Removals due to Branch Guide but thread auto-close blocked that.

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