Branch support for Android

Are there any updates on integration Branch support for Android apps again?

What alternatives is everyone using to replace Branch for Android? Not looking to eject my app.

I’ve also upgraded to Expo SDK 33 so using the old turtle-cli to build an apk locally is not an option for me.


Im in the same position, I set out this morning to update Expo so that our app is 64-bit compliant by the 1st of August cut-off.

We use Branch and so are in a position where we need SDK 33 and Branch but want to do everything in our power to not eject due to the added ongoing maintenance cost.

Is there anyway around this currently, or is there going to be anything in an upcoming release (before the 1st of August) that would enable this?


I’d just like to add that I’m also in this boat. I am using Expo and Branch for deep-linking. Are there any discussions at Expo to bring back Branch integration to the build process?

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