Latest Status? Oct 2019

I am looking to understand the current state of Branch and Expo SDK.

To me, it seems if I use SDK V34,

  • I can run branch on IOS (expo client, simulator, testflight, app store)
  • I cannot run branch on Android (any environment)

If I use SDK V35,

  • I cannot run branch on IOS (in expo client)
  • not sure about IOS for simulator, testflight
  • Im not sure if I can run Android or not, since I need IOS to be fully functional

Is there a time when we can see a complete integration with If I have to keep seperate version of my app for Android vs IOS, it kinda defeats the purpose.

Hey @nasofrank,

We added Android support back for SDK34 and 35. The module is expected to work for standalone apps for both iOS and Android. See the note at the top and the configuration steps on the doc page.


But you can no longer develop using expo client. No hot reloading and can only test minor code changes with a full build. Is it expected to all work correctly some day or is this the best it gets for branch?

Is there any update on when Branch will be fully supported for Simulators?

We’re working on making custom client builds the best way to be able to test modules that require specific native configuration but for now the two options you have are building standalone binaries and testing. The other would be to create a separate branch of your project and using ExpoKit to test those modules and then applying those changes to your Managed project.

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