Why was google-auth deprecated? Expo Go support?

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  1. SDK Version: 49
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS via expo go
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I am developing an app that must run on Expo Go and I want users to be able to login using Google. From this article (https://docs.expo.dev/guides/google-authentication/) I understand that this is NOT POSSIBLE since it requires custom native code. It was possible with the now deprecated expo-google-app-auth since this latter package worked on Expo Go. Am I missing something?
Thanks for any guidance

Hi @ezekielmartin, our main reason for deprecating is that we deprecated useProxy a while back: https://blog.expo.dev/security-advisory-for-developers-using-authsessions-useproxy-options-and-auth-expo-io-e470fe9346df?source=collection_home---6------8-----------------------. Also, with Google Auth provider as well as Facebook auth provider, it was hard to maintain and keep up with changes on Google’s and Facebook’s end to continue providing this solution after useProxy was deprecated and instead we now recommend native libraries that have better API support for these intgegrations.

The custom native code part is that to install a native library, you need expo-dev-client to create a customized version of Expo Go app that includes and can compile and run the native code the library injects in your project.

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