What is the best way to include google authentication for android standalone app?

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms - Android Standalone

I tried these three packages provided by EXPO and neither of them is working :

  1. GoogleSignIn : This is marked deprecated, does not work when uploaded to play store neither in expo go web so that we can debug, only works when .apk is built which makes it unreliable.
  2. GoogleAppAuth : Again, deprecated. Works in expo go but does not work in Android Native.
  3. AuthSession : This is the recommended package by expo but it has this [open] issue which makes it unusable for android application. Also no response from the expo dev team.

Google Sign in is quite easy with other frameworks or even web. It is too tedious here in react native and I already wasted a lot of time. Please advise what am I missing here or if you have a solution?

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