Why expo build asking IOS push notification certificate?


While I build IOS, it asks distributor certificate. I added my certificate that I had. Next, it asking push notification certificate. I didn’t implement push notification in my code. Why is asking?. If I let expo to handle it, my distributor certificate gets invalid in apple account. I didn’t understand this. Could any one help?

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We request the push notification certificate because it’s possible to add the use of push notifications to your app after you’ve deployed it to the app store. Also, with JavaScript it’s very difficult to determine up-front whether your code actually uses push notifications or not.

Hi, Thank you for the support. I let expo to handle the both certificates

Is it possible to skip push notification cert though? If we are not using those and don’t have the certificate

@atticusfetch afaik we still require them, but the only difference now is that we dont manage them on our servers anymore. running exp build will just run client side scripts to help you generate your certs (or you can also provide your own).

Thanks, @quinlanj!
The thing is that we cannot generate new certificates with the help of expo due to account limitations. We have a distribution certificate and a provisioning profile, and were thinking about the way to avoid additionally requesting a push notification certificate. Hope it makes sense, or maybe my explanation is not sufficient?


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hey @atticusfetch, our current build system unfortunately requires push certificates. I have a feeling that even if you run exp build and pass in a random file for ‘push certificate’ in the prompt, when the build is done on our servers, it will most likely error (though worth a try, idk :confused:).

You could also request this feature on https://expo.canny.io/feature-requests, where we manage requests and implement them.

@quinlanj, yep, it did. I tried a random file (straight away error), and specifying the same certificate fails on resigning the app. Thank you for your help!