How to not use push notifications or setup them correctly

Hello! First of all, thanks for a great work, guys! :slight_smile:
Unfortunatelly, Apple services are very unclear for people coming from other areas.
Could you please shed some light to Push Notifications, I think it would be helpful for future.

I have the same question as /ios-app-rejection-because-of-push-notifications/20255

My app does not need push notifications. Could you please describe possible solutions in more detailed steps?

For example, I see it realtes to SDK v32, would downgrade help?

If not, what should I do in steps? I can only see advise to build with --clear-push-cert option. But how should I then upload my own generated certs (from Sign In - Apple) or how do I get expo generated certs into Appstore ?

I can see command fetch:ios:certs but its unclear, whether its related to this issue or not.

And at least next steps seem to be not helping:

  1. expo build:ios --clear-push-cert
  2. Enable Push notifications on this page (Sign In - Apple) and create certificates locally

Hey @vvsk,

We appreciate the kind words. I see you mentioned this post: iOS App Rejection because of Push Notifications Does the solution I recommended not work for you or are you not ok with doing it?


Sorry, I’m probably too new to mobile dev to understand it :slight_smile:

Link you’ve provided only offers yo execute expo build:ios --clear-push-cert. But it doesn’t help on its own of course and its not clear what next steps are.

In apple center I have turned on Push Notifications support and followed this guide (How to make a mobileprovision file - Calvium) to generate .cer and .p12. But again its not clear what to do with these files next: /versions/v32.0.0/distribution/building-standalone-apps/ (looks like I can’t paste more links) says “this guide recommends leaving the P12’s password blank, but a P12 password is required to upload your own certificate to Expo’s service” but what does it mean? How do I upload my .p12 to expo ? Are there any undocumented options for expo build:ios ?

No worries! It’s always helpful to get a new perspective from fresh eyes. For most developers, especially those new to mobile dev, it’s likely best you let Expo handle this entire process for you as documented here:

Are you wanting to handle it yourself though?

I did let expo to handle everything in a first build. But then when pushed to Testflight, I got an error " Missing Push Notification Entitlement" and found this question iOS App Rejection because of Push Notifications
And If I understood you correctly there, you offer to make use of Push Notifications service even if I dont use it. And as far as I understand in this case I must Enable Push Notifications here: Sign In - Apple but in this case I have to provide .cer files. From expo using expo fetch:certs:ios I can get different files but not .cer, if I let Expo handle it, what .cer files should I upload to apple console?

I think I misunderstand something in this process, but I can’t understand what exactly

Let me ask it a bit shorter:

  1. I want expo handle all keys etc
  2. In this case, should I Enable next thing ?42
  3. If yes - where do I take .cer files from ?

I think the problem here is you only want to add the --clear-push-cert if you previously had a build that used them in order to take advantage of the new Push Notification Key. If you just run expo build:ios without any flags, can you let me know what happens?

Just tried and its the same. What did I do:

  1. Build #1 - get error Missing Push Notification Entitlement
  2. Build #2 expo build:ios --clear-push-cert – get error again
  3. Build #3 (First, I enable Push Notifications in apple center, using .cer files from guide) expo build:ios – get error again
  4. Build #4 Simply changed version and expo build:ios – error again

I can’t understand what I’m missing. If expo handles everything, what should I configure somewhere in apple web services ?

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