Does expo generate Push Notifications Certificates?

I am trying to get push notifications to work on my TestFlight build. I read here that I had to enable Push Notifications on my App ID on, which I did.

I then ran expo build:ios --clear-credentials and let expo handle the credentials again.

However, Permissions.getAsync(Permissions.NOTIFICATIONS) still returns an undetermined status.
I also see that my App Id shows Certificates (0) next to Push Notifications.

Do I have to upload a certificate manually or is there a way to let expo handle it?

Expo should generate it for you, if you’re letting it handle the credentials.

If you got to Sign In - Apple and look under Certificates > Keys, is there anything present?

Yes, there is an Expo Push Notification Key.

I am now trying the solution presented here: [expo-cli] verify an App ID has Push Notifications service enabled prior to scheduling a build · Issue #608 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub

It required me to create a certificate and upload a new build (but not to use said certificate in the build?). I am waiting for the app review to be done to see if it helped.

EDIT: The solution at the link did the trick.

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