Why doesn't Expo output the build files locally ?

Here’s a really silly question:

Why doesn’t EXPO output the build files locally ?

When I publish, I would expect 2 things to happen: 1.) Creating a standalone package so that the end user doesn’t have to do this. 2.) Uploading to a test server where all users can see this for their desired platform. Currently Expo NO LONGER does this. You’ve changed your policy and the only way to make this happen for iOS users is to Apple’s TestFlight app which is an EFFING nightmare for the novice developer. There has to be an easier way and that used to be EXPO. :wink:

I don’t think it had ever been other way.

Nevertheless, we’re working on automating uploading ipa/apk files to their stores.

An automated upload would be a great feature. However, I’d rather have the outputted IPA/APK files myself and do the upload later. I may want to modify the framework with specific code for each platform.

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