ExpoKit requires `expo start` before building?

Hi all, wanted to raise a concern I had with ExpoKit apps. I noticed the docs say that you need to have expo start running before you can build with Android/iOS. I just wanted to ask how that would work for standalone apps… obviously the end user won’t have expo start running so will the app still work for them or is it going to show that blue screen for them?

Don’t worry - this is only for development, and won’t be a problem for your end users. When you build a release app for app store distribution, your expo slug URL will point to your deployed bundle hosted on Expo CDN (created with expo publish) . Better yet you can configure Expo to bundle your assets with your native ipa/apk so all your stuff is ready to go the first time a user opens your freshly installed app. See https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/offline-support.html#bundle-your-assets-inside-your-standalone-binary

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