What can be a checklist when expo livereload stops?

First, major thing I have to state is, I don’t know how to reproduce the problem.

Only information I have is, when working with devices within the same wifi network with my computer, in the first couple saves’ reloads work just as expected. But suddenly it stops to catch the new saves.

Since I don’t know what particular action causes livereload to stop working, I don’t know what to check either.

One particular information that may give a clue is, if I reload from the device manually, it executes the pre-save version. Which makes me think, the save is not caught thats why new version is not compiled either. (Please remember, this happens after a couple of proper reloads, that is why I don’t think it is a setup issue. Even it was, I did not touch the setup that expo-cli brings while generating the project, except "yarn add"ing new packages as one may expect.)

The question is, what can be a checklist when expo livereload stops?

This happens to me. Especially if I walk away with my phone for a few minutes. Not sure if it’s related to losing connection or something.
Often just pressing “r” or “R” in the terminal where I’m running expo start and then manually reloading in the Expo app gets it working again. Sometimes I have to kill the app as well and start it again.

I also was suspicious about connection issues. But I also witnessed cases where laptop and the mobile device (with a reliable WiFi) stayed together but still the problem occurred.

Yes, I also get it when I do not expect connection issues.

I’m hoping that with SDK 36 being based on React Native 0.61 we might be able to use the new “Fast Refresh” and maybe that will make this problem a thing of the past.

Seems promising… Thanks @wodin

By the way, I’ve just seen a link to this issue in a related thread.