Weird Expo app and build interaction

So the other day I threw up an ios build on testflight to test on my phone, the next couple days i added some new features and changed up a couple scenes but never built anything. I just tested it using expo on that same phone, now when I open up my build from the other day everything that I changed after I built it is showing up, I am assuming theres some type of cache on my phone or something but even when I delete expo and reinstall the build from the other day the first time I open it its back to stock but if I close it and open it again its got all my new features even though they never existed when I made the build…

Has anyone else come across something like this?

It isn’t really an issue for me but I figured it was pretty weird.

Expo provides OTA updates, when you want to update app you just need to run expo publish and apps will be upgraded without uploading to store. When you are running expo build:PLATFORM it’s publishing automatically.
Here there is documentation of this feature

Wow! I can’t believe I never knew that,

Thanks so much I thought I was going crazy lol

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