Way to check if Expo CLI installed correctly (ubuntu)?

I am starting to evaluate react native for my use. I am running a Ubuntu PC. I installed with NPM but got plenty of warnings. I just want to make sure my install was OK before going on. Is there a way to check the Expo version from the CLI?

I did manage to run expo -V which returned 2.10.0 so I guess I am ok? I am having trouble with using this forum on the Ubuntu machine (in Chrome). So I am typing this on a windows PC.

Glad you figured out the command @richb201! It’s interesting that you’re having issues with the forums though. You might want to search if Discourse has any known issues when running on your OS set-up.

I reported the issue to Discourse. There own site has the same issue with Ubuntu 18.

On your other email, so you recommend not trying to emulate, and to try to use an android device on the same network. I often travel so I will probably want to connect via USB since these hotels WIRELESS are often difficult to get through. I have a Nexus 5 so that should not be a problem?

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