Failing expo run command line

I am using visual studio ide as well as command prompt. I am just having a problem with running “expo run android” or expo start on the sample React Native Awesome Project created with expo. I get an error every time mentioning I am missing the node modules in the directory, but I have installed it with npm numerous times. With this it opens up the expo cli in a browser and immediately crashes. All I am trying to do is get to the next step to get the QR code to run it on my phone. Is there a way to bypass this or a way to fix this?

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Hey @nicholaspaul899,

Can you run expo diagnostics and paste the log that is printed here? Also, if you haven’t I would try uninstalling and re-installing the expo-cli just for good measure. Another possible thing to try is to run rm -rf .expo to clear Expo’s cached state.



Sure, Both cases didn’t work, Although there is an option to update the expo cli so I will try that and Keep you posted after it is done!



I updated the expo build version and it still crashed. Is there anyway I can send you a zip file of the project and you install the node modules directly?

Hey @nicholaspaul899,

Thanks for the information. Does this happen for any freshly created project via expo init?

Yes it still does unfortunately, I try again and it says I am missing the node modules in the directory, so I install them numerous time but it keeps giving me errors in the command prompt. Is there any other way I can use the expo cli in a browser? other than command line or in snacks. I’m trying to start a non profit with my friend like I told Jess. i have tried everything but command prompt doesn’t work for me, I trying hard but if I can’t get passed this part I’ll never be able to export my projects or run them on an emulator to see if the work.

It looks like you are getting a lot of EPERM errors. I would take a look at this thread and see if the information there can help remedy this.

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