Using react-native-alarm with Expo

Can i use react native alarm with expo??
because in there gradle file need to be edited

It looks like react-native-alarm uses custom native code, so you can’t use it with a standard Expo project. To use custom native code, you can detach and use ExpoKit (more info here: and link in the native package that way.

BTW have you seen Several packages (but not react-native-alarm) are listed and show you if they work with regular Expo projects.

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Thanks for fast reply.
Can i know after detach how can i build apk.And can i stop that required internet connect in app first startup?

You build APKs for detached apps using the Android tools. Detaching gives you an Android project that you can use Android Studio to open.

With detached apps the JS bundle is currently not embedded and you’ll need an internet connection to fetch it the first time the app runs. (With non-detached apps, the JS is embedded in the APK and doesn’t require an internet connection.)

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