Detaching code and building it in react-native

I have detached the application code from Expo and then import the android folder in my android studio then in terminal I run command exp start after running command when I run the code from android studio my application works fine , but when I try to run the same code using react-native run-android it displays me error and do not run application, Anybody out there did this before, I am scratching my head on this from past 8 hours, Any suggestion will be Appreciated !!!

With a detached project, exp start is the recommended workflow. If you want to use bare React Native, you could create a new project with react-native init but this will not include Expo APIs.

Hello sir , So you mean i have to create new project with react-native and have to replace the folder with my code and then have to run npm install --save ? And does my facebook , map and google integrations will work in that which i have implemented using expo ?

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