Implementing alarms with expo

Is there any way to use alarms like feature with expo app with detaching it???

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Could you share an example of another app that uses “alarms”?? :thinking:

Thanks for response, I found this application

So it looks like that app vibrates / plays a sound, Then it also has a scheduled notification.
Everything I just listed is possible from within Expo. :grin::grin::grin:

Sorry for misunderstanding. I was just asking about simple alarm clock like features which user manually dismiss when notified. Here are some list of applications

Unfortunately Android Alarms are not currently supported in Expo :alarm_clock: :scream: You could detach and potentially use this library:

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Has anything changed regarding alarms (on any platform) and expo? How is this different from scheduled notifications exactly? Just that the expo app needs to be running in the background, but alarms don’t?

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Sounds like you may be able to do at least part of what you want with a Local Notification. We were also looking for a way to display a local notification at a specific time: