Using Firebase in production

Hey guys, I have problems with using Firebase with exp build:android app. When I use app built from Expo XDE everything works as expected. As soon as I build standalone app, any calls to Firebase crashes the app and I am unable to debug it since it is a standalone app. Do I miss some kind of configuration? I can provide any needed code.

Hi! What happens if you turn off development mode when running locally? Are you able to reproduce the problem in the client?

If I turn off/on development mode it works as expected. The problem was that react-native-router-flux had a dependency off react-navigation@0.19 I think. Problem was, that when the app is built as standalone product, react-navigation acts differently than it does in XDE and navigates some routes to white screen. But after upgradint whole project and dependencies of RNRF, specifically react-navigation to @0.21 the issue went away. I suppose it was fixed.

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