Standalone App Crash after login in the app (Ok in dev)

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem (of course If I’m here haha).
I have a strange behaviour with my standalone app (tested on Android and ios).

Configuration :

  • Expo SDK 32
  • React 16.5.2
  • Redux 3.7.2
  • React Navigation 3.9.1
  • Axios 0.18.0
  • (a lot of more libs in my package.json)

I have an app where my first page is a LoginPage, very classic :slight_smile:
Everything works fine in dev mode (I have also tried the production mode with expo server).
I can log to my app and redirect to the HomePage after login execution (a lot of works in the action redux). But everything is ok in dev.

I made my first standalone app and test it just after.
When I logged to my app, I see during 0.2s (fast) the HomePage and after, redirect me to my LoginPage.
It’s the first time I see this and it appears just in standalone mode.
I can see very very quickly the splash screen so I’m guessing there is a crash in standalone I can not identify.

I have also tried the bundled app with expo client and It’s works fine !!
The problem is just with the app installed on my phone.
So if someone had the a answer, it would be great or someone knows a tool I can use to see some logs on the APK. (Already try adb logcat but I didn’t see anything).

Here is the build logs

(Sorry for my bad bad english…)

Edit : The problem doesn’t seem to come from Api Call, maybe something else is broken.
Edit2: Same problem with a standalone IOS App. Seems something is broken in standalone mode…

Thank you.

Fix !

The problem came from the use with the switchNavigator in ReactNavigation. Strange behaviour in production but Ok. I just fixed it by followed the “authentication flows” in their doc…


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