How to Remove default EXPO Splash screen


I’m trying to get rid of the default Expo splash screen that displays when a built app opens - ex: an app that opens after running expo build:android. Pic is below.

My app.json is configured as follows:

    "expo": {
        "name": "MY APP",
        "description": "MY DESC",
        "splash": {
            "resizeMode": "contain",
            "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"
        "updates": {
            "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0
        "assetBundlePatterns": ["**/*"]

and my app.config.js is configured as follows:

import 'dotenv/config';

export default {
    name: 'MY APP',
    slug: 'my-app',
    icon: './assets/icon.png',
    version: '0.0.4',
    orientation: 'portrait',
    extra: {
        API_URI: process.env.API_URI,
    android: {
        package: 'com.my_app,
        versionCode: 4,
        permissions: [],
    ios: {
        bundleIdentifier: '',
        buildNumber: '0.0.4',
        supportsTablet: true,

Am I missing something obvious here? I removed the splash.png file and removed the reference to it. I want just a blank white background.

Bumping this. I can’t be the only one experiencing this

Same here, tried everything, but I can’t get rid of the splash screen after build:android

you need to add an image to the splash screen. Configuring a splash screen and app icon - Expo Documentation

maybe it makes sense for us to support empty splash screens but this is usually not what people want in my experience. create a small image that is just white and use that if you want a blank white screen for now. we’ll consider this use case

That was going to be the next thing to try. Thanks for clearing this up!

Is there a way to get rid of the splash screen entirely?
I mean, I have my own splash screen component and route - so I would like to just open the app directly on it, instead of using expo’s

the splash screen is a native concept that we take care of for you. you need to have one, it’s what shows up when you open the app before your app is ready to load. there is no react ready to run at that time. here’s an example of how to transition smoothly to your own splash screen component when it’s ready SplashScreen - Expo Documentation

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