[URGENT pls Help] DeviceNotRegistered: "ExponentPushToken[gwn9W...TLXgI]" is not a registered push notification recipient

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):android

hey, i got this error from expo push notification tool, i followed the step to configure in expo push notification and it worked fine, i got this issue after i build with EAS (i assume).

first i install the APK and got the push token, but then i got error DeviceNotRegistered in the expo push tool in web. so i uninstalled it and try the same thing, this time it worked. but then i tried again just to makesure and then it says failed fetching expo something…, so i tried again but this time it doesnt give any response nor i receive the notification, so i tried to inspect element to see the network request tab and i found that the response of https://api.expo.dev/v2/push/send is {“data”:[{“status”:“ok”,“id”:“8a9720d8-70ac-44c5-8117-4ef5633b2647”}]}

so i dont know whats going on here, why do i have the “DeviceNotRegistered” error and i had to reinstall the app and why dont i receive the notification

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