Updating variables from app.json after bare project is made

Currently I use expokit to make standalone apps. Since expokit is being removed i am looking into going to the bare project. But can’t find how to update things like app name, version #, bundle id, etc after the project is in it’s bare state; other than editing 14+ files in the android project. (ios is easy, but it’s still a pain)

Is there a way to update all of these from the app.json? I tried things like expo prepare-detached-build but that didn’t work. Why this is a big deal is SaaS, with the same JS code I brand and make ~10 different apps. In expo 36, all i had to do to get a different brand was switch app.json files. Do i have to stay in the managed workflow then eject every time i want to build an app? Or should i write a script to edit all these files? What would you recommend?

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Just saw all the Bare Workflow dropdowns in https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/config/app/ . But i also tried just rerunning expo eject in a bare project and it does the same thing, IE updates the app name etc. However it wouldn’t update the version unless i deleted the ios and android folder.