App.json version; can I just mirror the version in package.json?

Getting ready to bulid a standalone version of my app, and I’m trying to figure out how to manage the versions in app.json. Do I need to keep this updated, every time I publish? Can I just make it mirror what I have in package.json?

Or do it dynamically, making app.json → app.js that returns an object as it’s default export.

you shouldn’t need to update your version in app.json very often – just when you’re uploading new builds to the iOS App Store and Google Play Stores.

You could probably write a script to update stuff for you.

I have this little script that makes use of the json library, updates the expo version every time the npm version is updated (via npm version)

"version": "json -I -f ./app.json -e 'this.expo.version=\"'$npm_package_version'\"'",

I find it easier to keep track of things when I mirror the version.