Is app.json / app.config.js still required after ejecting to the bare workflow?

I understand i can still run eject again to update e.g. version numbers.

But apart from that, is this file completely ignored after ejecting?

it’s used for expo-updates if you want to keep using that. the config is also embedded into your app in Constants.manifest in bare apps, you can see what gets embedded with expo config --type public. overall, it’s not nearly as useful in bare apps at the moment though

Thanks! I definitely want expo-updates.

This whole ejecting business is not nearly as painless as you make it sound though, I have to say.

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what sdk version are you ejecting with? what are the problems that you’ve encountered?

I just upgraded from 40 to 41 and try to eject from there.

My first big mistake was: I tried to eject on my Windows machine.

See my forum activity of the past 10 hours to see all the issues I’m running into.