Updating ExpoKit icon

Simple question…

I’m aware of the limitations of publishing you outlined here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/publishing.html#limitations

And that I need to rebuild the app and resubmit a new binary for changes to the icon to take effect. I’m detached to ExpoKit, and I’ve changed the app icon of iOS only in app.json. I cleaned the project in Xcode and rebuilt to my phone, but the icon is not updating (I also exited and restarted the XDE).

What am I missing here? Thanks!


Hi @estesjl - unfortunately this is not well-documented, but after you detach your project, many of the properties in app.json no longer have any effect (since they’re only used to generate the Xcode/Android projects). You’ll need to update your icon inside of Xcode. In the Project navigator, click Images.xcassetsAppIcon and replace the files with your new icon. (You’ll need lots of different sizes, but there are websites that will generate all of the sizes for you for free.) See here if you need more details: xcode - iOS how to set app icon and launch images - Stack Overflow


Ah perfect. You’re right, it may be worth making a note in the publishing limitations section about detached apps. Thanks for your help!

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