expo build:ios --no-publish does not update icon

This has wasted a full otherwise productive day for me. I would appreciate any insight.

I am trying to publish my app to App Store. I changed the app icon for IOS and removed transparency. For testing I also changed the icon to a completely different icon. Cleared cache, removed any trace of the old icon from my system. Re run the project, etc. The only thin I donot want to do is to publish because DO NOT want live users to get my recent changes

Problem is, the generate IPA file has the old icon. Where does expo build get those icons from? They don’t exist any more

Do I have to publish as well to get this working?


Important update:

I built the project on a new machine. Icons are still old icons, so definitely expo build server is re-using the old icons.

Expo gets Icons as I recall from the app.json. it’s noted as “icon”: “./assets/images/icon.png”. Btw you’re working on mobile so the icon is going to get cached when you bundle an IPA or APK; you have to replace (Yes I mean overwrite) the icon you cannot simply delete it and expect Expo to change the icon

Yes the icon is defined in the app.json

I have renamed the icon (and updated app.json) as well to make sure it is not a cash issue.

Hey @naiemk,

This is expected behavior. https://docs.expo.io/versions/v33.0.0/workflow/publishing/#limitations Be sure to thoroughly read the documentation whenever you get stuck! You’ll have to create a new build in order for these types of changes to take effect. You can run expo build:ios --no-publish to avoid pushing out an OTA change to your users.



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