Error in EAS regarding product name

I am getting an error from EAS build. (eas-cli/3.1.1), managed workflow,

** Cmdline Error Message:
Android build failed:
Gradle build failed with unknown error. See logs for the “Run gradlew” phase for more information.

** Relevant Error Message from “Run Gradlew”:
[stderr] The project name ‘In Any Event…’ must not start or end with a ‘.’.

**Relevant portion of app.json:
“expo”: {
“name”: “In Any Event…”,
“description”: “A customizable phone app to help attendees enjoy an event.”,

I declared an app.config.js with this same intention, but it did not solve my dilemma. I received the same error message.

I did not have this problem with expo build:android. It was a different tool, yes I know, but it did what I wanted it to do in this regard. I must levy this requirement for EAS. The app must be named “In Any Event…” It must be listed on the stores with this name. When installed, it must be named “In Any Event…” on the phone. My requirement is part of my brand identity.

Expo may be using for two disparate cases, as both the product name and the project name. Does anyone know how to declare a product name that is different from the project name? I am urgently searching for an answer. I’m going live very soon.

Thank you,

Hi @expo2orcadia

I don’t have a proper answer for you, but the workaround here should work for you:

Thx @wodin.
Our timeline for supporting our customers has not changed. We missed this release window because of this problem and so we have regressed our project to a previous build. This is not a good scenario.

Some thoughts:

  • I understand your sed solution. Providing it works, it cannot be a permanent solution. It wouldn’t be long before it, too, will break after some other process or support change. Hacks don’t ever have an unlimited lifespan.
  • The decision to overload the value of for Android projects did not consider edge cases like mine. I understand filename syntax in various OS’s but those conventions should have never affected the name of the project. I feel that this change was an oversight and that there’s no sense to it.
  • I did not have this problem using expo build. Only now. I am reminded of the adage “you break it you fix it.”

Since our delivery is not what we had planned, I’m going to have to work on customer support. When I return, I will try your solution. I am very interested, also, in understanding your customer support process and how I might report and escalate this problem within Expo. It is a high priority problem to me.

Hi Craig

I don’t have any customers here :slight_smile: and my support process is I’m just trying to help who I can.

To clarify, I am just a random Expo user.

Try filling in the form here:

Also, see their Support Terms here:

There are also links to Discord and Twitter on the Contact page if you would like to try to contact someone that way. Also, you might want to add some info to the GitHub issue I mentioned, or maybe create a new one, since it’s not actually the same issue, even if I think the same workaround should work.

Hi Michael (@wodin) and thank you!

After some customer support I was able to get back to this problem. Your solution worked beautifully for me and it saved me a great deal of time.

If ever you see anyone again looking for a similar solution, I am sure they shall also find similar success with it.

Thank you!

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