Updated to SDK49, getting "cannot find type 'Manifest' in scope" in expo-dev-menu

-macOS with m1
-Expo SDK49
-pods installed sucessfully
-npm module “expo-dev-menu” is 3.1.10
-npm run iOS

At some point getting build error:

112 | }
113 | @objc
114 | public var currentManifest: Manifest?
| ^ cannot find type ‘Manifest’ in scope

Any help appreciated.

My bad. I forgot to update expo-updates to the latest one

Agghhh, this is some kind of nightmare: updated ALL packages to the latest, executed pod install
Now it fails at the Linking step with:
:x: Undefined symbols for architecture arm64
┌─ Symbol: facebook::react::LongLivedObjectCollection::add(std::__1::shared_ptrfacebook::react::LongLivedObject) const
└─ Referenced from: facebook::react::CallbackWrapper::createWeak(facebook::jsi::Function&&, facebook::jsi::Runtime&, std::__1::shared_ptrfacebook::react::CallInvoker) in ExpoModulesCore(EXJSIUtils.o)

:x: ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

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