Undefined symbols for architecture arm64 in ExpoModulesCore(EXJSIUtils.o)

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:49.0.8
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
  3. Xcode: 14.3.1 on m1

Full error:
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64
┌─ Symbol: facebook::react::LongLivedObjectCollection::add(std::__1::shared_ptrfacebook::react::LongLivedObject) const
└─ Referenced from: facebook::react::CallbackWrapper::createWeak(facebook::jsi::Function&&, facebook::jsi::Runtime&, std::__1::shared_ptrfacebook::react::CallInvoker) in ExpoModulesCore(EXJSIUtils.o)

Any advice? Google tons of pages, recreated ios folder from scratch, apdated ALL the node packages to the latest version, nothing helps :frowning:

Forgot to add:
in app.json epo.plugins has proper “useFrameworks”: “static”
and Podfile.properties.json also looks like this

  "expo.jsEngine": "hermes",
  "ios.useFrameworks": "static",

Everything was ok before SDK update from 48 to 49

That was my mistake.
I previously used Firebase so added useFrameworks:static
at some point I removed firebase but forgot to remove useFrameworks

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