Expo SDK 33 update issue

While updating from 32 to expoSDK 33 found a issue that’ cannot find symbol class ModuleRegistryConsumer ’ in all expo modulesExample : expo - ads - facebook. ( import org.unimodules.core.interface.ModuleRegistryConsumer )

Kindly help me to solve this issue

I am in production stage. can anyone help me to solve this…


Is this a managed app or ejected/detached? Are you getting the error on iOS or Android?

A bunch of imports changed in SDK 33. See the following comment with some info about this. Also see the release notes for SDK 33 and check the updated documentation for the modules you’re using.

If the above doesn’t help can you post the whole error? Are you able to post a small example that demonstrates the problem (e.g. as a snack)?

Hi wodin,

This is a ejected project, And iam getting the error in android

Detail of the error

In all expo module the following error appear’s. That is the ModuleRegisterConsumer class not found in unimodules

Kindly help me to solve this issue

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