update App.json from command line

Hi all,

I am trying to do CICD and using Expo (Eject). It is extremely fast to develop UI in Expo and normally I take out ‘detached’ from App.json to develop UI.

Problem is sometimes, developer forget to put back and they deploy application.

This is also related to my previous question where I have already setup for CICD.

I can deploy app already and can detect whether it is detach project or not. If it is not detach project, I want to update App.json from command line or using script. How can I do?

You could perhaps make use of jq to do this.

The following will output (to STDOUT) the contents of app.json with "isDetached": true added in.

jq 'setpath(["expo", "isDetached"]; true)' <app.json

So you’d have to arrange to get the output back into app.json again.

There’s a page here that mentions ways to go about this. One thing that is mentioned there is a sponge command.

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