Unhandled Error - Android Emulator

I have created an app using Expo which I have tested on the iOS simulator and it works great but on the Android Emulator ( using Genymotion ), it just doesnt. I have configured the Genymotion emulator and Expo is able to detect and send it the app for launching, but at the very beginning of the launch process, the app fails with the following fatal exception -

There was an unhandled error : Could not load exp://h2-xxx-{username}.{app_name}.exp.direct:80.

There is no stack trace and no indication as to why this error is happening. It almost seems like it might be some issue related to the libraries I might be using but without any errors its impossible to debug this.

Does someone know what could be causing this?

This might have been a temporary issue with our tunneling provider. If you’re still hitting the exception please send us your build ID / URL that wouldn’t load and we can help you resolve it.