Can't run app on genymotion

Hi, I followed instructions on how to configure Expo and Genymotion to run together. This is an error I get when running android simulator:

Please guide me with this.

Did the Expo app succeed in installing on the device? (is there an Expo icon on the home screen?)

Also, you might try following these instructions to do it manually:

  1. Download this:
  2. Attach android device or open emulator
  3. adb install [PATH TO .apk]

Hi Ben, below is an output:

Users-MacBook-Pro:android_apk_fix_prez Przemek$ adb install /Users/Przemek/.expo/android_apk_fix_prez/Exponent-1.16.1.apk
/Users/Przemek/.expo/android_apk_fix_prez/Exponent-1.16.1.apk: 1 file pushed. 50.7 MB/s (23626052 bytes in 0.444s)
	pkg: /data/local/tmp/Exponent-1.16.1.apk

Users-MacBook-Pro:android_apk_fix_prez Przemek$ adb devices
List of devices attached	device

Does this mean I should update android SDK shipped with genymotion? If so, I work on the lastest version of genymotion. I checked earlier with SDK from Android Studio with same results.

Actually, I start to suspect that android version on simulator is too old, that is v4, I’ll try with higher version.

OK it works fine after running on Android v6, thanks for help

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