Unable to debug my app on Flipper


Like any developer when stuck with a problem, I switch to debug :lady_beetle: mode to solve it.

Taking into account that I cannot use remote debugging feature in Expo Go or development build as my app uses bottom-sheets and such components require react-native-reanimated to be installed. As I’m on SDK 45, Expo imposes to install v2 which does’t accept remote debugging.

After reading some guides, I chose to use Flipper and hermes engine (I’ve followed all steps in Expo flipper’s guide with plugin and deps). The result I’m getting right now is: When I open my development build using Android emulator, on Windows. I notice that the app has been detected successfully but Hermes engine doesn’t show anything (check img below):

Also when I use press on “Open Javascript inspector” option in client, I get a devtool screen but without any access to js files!

NOTE: I’m using expo-community-flipper v46.0.2. The latest version (47) has a strange issue (check it on Github).

Please press :point_right: here to get to my repository and check code.

Guides I’ve checked so far:

  1. Expo’s flipper guide
  2. Expo’s debugging guide
  3. React Native debugging guide

Please help