Unable to create new credentials (android)

I’m trying to add a new Application Identifier in project settings > credentials but I am met with an error which I have no idea how to get past : Unexpected server error (Expo error ID: 767bb84e-6a99-417c-9397-19409708093a).

In the previous steps I provided a .jks file so maybe the problem lies there?

Anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

I was eventually able to fix it myself. See this thread : eas submit — The Android App Bundle was signed with the wrong key - #9 by flexbox

The trick is to have the jks file have a storetype of ‘jks’ and not ‘PKCS12’. Also make sure that both passwords (keystore and key) are the same, otherwise it won’t work.

It would be nice if the expo website somehow gave a better error message than " Unexpected server error" though. That would’ve saved me some time :wink:



certainly! we will follow up on this, thanks for the feedback

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