Unable to build with react-native-navigation after detach

I created a new project with expo and detached it.

When I try to run the iOS project in XCode, it gives an error

‘React/RCTRootView.h’ file not found

If I create a new project with react-native init instead, I’m able to build with react-native-navigation successfully. Why does it fail with expo?

Steps to Reproduce / Code Snippets / Screenshots

Run npm install and try building the iOS project in Xcode.

Or start a new project:

  1. exp init
  2. exp detach
  3. yarn add react-native-navigation
  4. react-native-link
  5. cd ios && pod install

I have tried adding React to build target

Hi there! I just wrote a bit about this in the corresponding expo/expo issue, so just linking that thread here.

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