Linking third party libraries after exp detach gives "React/RCTViewManager.h' file not found"

Hi all,

I’m hitting a problem with linking a third party library after detaching (specifically, react-native-advanced-webview).

After detaching, I pod install and build my project - that works fine. But then when I install and link react-native-advanced-webview, I get the error "React/RCTViewManager.h' file not found". I’ve tried too many solutions to list all of them, but they include:

  • Setting header search path for RNAW to $(inherited) ${PODS_ROOT}/Headers/Public
  • Editing the scheme to disable parallelized builds and add libReact
  • Manually linking instead of using react-native link
  • And so on

Part of the issue is most discussion around similar errors I can find assumes a normal react-native project, not a cocoapods-based one (and not using expokit).

I don’t think this is an expo problem specifically, but the project setup is making it more difficult to solve. I’m hopeful someone here may have encountered something similar before?

Thanks for any advice!

You could see which file this error is occurring in, note the .pbxproj that file is associated with, and update the header file paths for that .pbxproj.

This topic is covered in the docs about changing ExpoKit native dependencies for iOS.

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