EAS not built on iOS 'BuildType' error.


I have an error when I build on EAS in ios (no problem on Android.)

    ValidationError: "buildType" is not allowed

my was.json :

  "builds": {
    "android": {
      "release": {
        "workflow": "managed",
        "buildType": "app-bundle"
    "ios": {
      "release": {
        "workflow": "managed",
        "autoIncrement": "buildNumber",
        "buildType": "release"


there is no buildType field for ios :slight_smile:

I of course tested without buildType in ios and exactly the same error!

what else did you test? it’s hard for me to know if you don’t say so

it looks like this is a regression in managed builds in the latest version of eas-cli, we’ll look into it. sorry for the hassle, thanks for trying out managed builds on eas build before they are ready yet! we hope to get a stable preview release for eas build managed support by end of q1

Hi, it’s fixed in eas-cli 0.4.1

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Yeahhh ! this is Okay :wink: